Bijoux Contemporains, une passion

Bijoux Contemporains, une passion, 2018, Authors: Chantal Bizot & Nadine Coleno, publisher: editions du regard ISBN-13 : 978-2841053636.     Read More

Contemporary Jewelry in Perspective

Contemporary Jewelry in Perspective, 2013, author: Damian Skinner, Art Jewelry Forum, Publisher : Lark Crafts; First Edition (September 3, 2013) ISBN: 978-1454702771   What is contemporary jewelry? What makes it unique? What distinguishes these objects and practices from other visual art... Read More


Schmuck | Jewelry, 2020, Author: Petra Hölscher, Publisher: arnoldsche Art Publishers,ISBN 978-3-89790-585-6.   The Danner Rotunde, the jewelry space in the Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, was opened in 2004. Ambitious activities by the Danner Foundation and Die Neue Sammlung – The... Read More

Masters of new jewellery design

Masters of new jewellery design, 2019, author: Carlos Pastor, publisher: Hoaki books. Masters of New Jewellery Design offers a bold and daring look at the intriguing and fascinating world of contemporary jewellery design through some of the field's most prominent international artists and emerging... Read More

Contro l’oggetto

  Contro l’oggetto, Conversazioni sul design, 2020, Author: Emanuele Quinz ISBN: 9788822903266 Read More

Gijs Bakker and Jewelry, monograph

2004, monograph, author: Ida van Zijl, design: Anthon Beeke Edited by: SM’s (Stedelijk Museum ‘s-Hertogenbosch), International distribution: ARNOLDSCHE Art Publishers, Stuttgart ISBN 3-89790-223-0 Read More

Gijs Bakker - Objects to Use, monograph

"Gijs Bakker - Objects to Use"  2000, Ida van Zijl 010 publishers, ISBN 90-6450-403-2 Read More
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