'Challenging Jewellery' - New Temporary Programme At Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam

Thursday January 11th 2018

Challenging Jewellery is a unique, and experimental temporary Master Programme on jewellery at Sandberg Institute Amsterdam.

This Master Programme is an initiative of MASieraad, four well known Dutch professionals on jewellery: Gijs Bakker, Ruudt Peters and Ted Noten as designers, Liesbeth den Besten as an art historian and expert on jewellery.

From experience they strongly felt the urge for establishing a Master Programme in jewellery in the Netherlands that goes further and deeper  than just the ornament.

During two years, fifteen international students will have the opportunity to
question jewellery and ‘jewelleryness’ within the broad area of fine arts, design and fashion.
It requires in-depth personal research on, for instance: identity, society, design, history, philosophy, sociology and industry. This will form a firm basis for new visions on the creation, use and values of jewellery.

The programme is lead by BLESS (Ines Kaag, Berlin and Desirée Heiss, Paris)
as Head of Department. International guest lecturers will contribute to the research
part of the programme as well as to the making and communication of the results.

The programme runs from October 2018 till June 2020.



Image: Elizabeth Taylor, photo: Herb Ritts


'Challenging Jewellery' - New Temporary Programme At Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam