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"The Netherlands has long been a leader in the field of contemporary jewelery, with multiple museums holding jewelry collections and frequent contemporary jewelery exhibitions. Specialized galleries have existed from early on, education at universities and graduate schools has been enhanced, and writers who have a wide influence on the entire field have been born.

It can be said that the foundation was laid in the era we will see here. The changes that took place around this time not only created a whole new landscape in Dutch jewelery history, but also affected the entire contemporary jewelery sector.

There was also an influence from fine arts in the Netherlands. For example, after World War II, writers who adopted sculptural sculptures such as Henry Moore (1898-1986) and Naum Gabo (1890-1977) began to make structural jewelry.

It's not much different from the United States and other European countries in that respect, but more radical changes will occur in the Netherlands. The central figures are Gijs Bakker (1942-) and Emmy van Leersum (1930-1984). Backer goes beyond jewelery and is widely known as an industrial designer and founder of draw design." (translation)

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Jewelry Journal - Japanese blog about Dutch Jewelry Jewelry Journal - Japanese blog about Dutch Jewelry