Hospital chair

Hospital chair Hospital chair

The functional aspects, particularly those relating to ergonomics, were of paramount importance for this stacking chair: comfort, stability, easy to sit down in and get up out of. The upholstery, which can be removed, allows air in and out and keeps out moisture. The extremities of the armrests are so designed as to facilitate standing up. The open space between the back and the seat makes for a comfortable sit. Bakker tried to avoid giving it the purely ergonomic look of a disabled chair. The single sweep of back and arms is unusual. BRS-Premsela Vonk engaged the Dutch Kembo and the Italian Magis in negotiations about its production. The commercial department intimated a preference for the more prestigious international Magis, though this company ultimately abandoned the project.

Category: project
Year: 1987
Manufacturer: Stichting Kunst en Bedrijf/ Rein van der Heide