GB Lounge Chair - Karakter

GB Lounge Chair - Karakter GB Lounge Chair - Karakter GB Lounge Chair - Karakter GB Lounge Chair - Karakter
Gijs Bakker had already established a reputation for his aluminum jewelry when he decided to turn his attention to designing a chair. Inspired by a competition held by Dunlop, the rubber foam manufacturer, Bakker took a piece of foam, bent it at a 90 degree angle, and fixed it in a metal frame. The result was the GB Lounge, a modular lounge chair whose simple silhouette is enhanced by invitingly overstuffed upholstery. Originally coined “the Levi’s Chair,” (1972) Bakker was determined that his design – much like a pair of well-loved jeans – would act as an easygoing antidote to the previous generation’s stiffer tastes. Today, its functionality has been enhanced further with the addition of feet that raise it slightly from the floor for added comfort. Available as a one-seater chair, or with the addition of a pouf, the GB Lounge can be arranged in a variety of ways by connectors that transform it from a solo chair into a multiple seating system.
Category: project
Year: 2022
Material: Steel frame (powder coated), full foam body, fabric from Kvadrat
Dimensions: 76 x 76 x 95 cm
Manufacturer: Cassina / Karakter

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