Exhibition design

Exhibition design

Bakker was responsible for compiling and designing a trans-European travelling exhibition. It was through Gijs van Tuyl, director of the Netherlands Office for Fine Arts (Rijksdienst Beeldende Kunst), that asked to assemble a show about Dutch design for the Stuttgart Design Centre. Bakker took the opportunity to show the sheer range of design, from Philips household appliances to selfmade machinery for the Third World. His ideas on the profession, which place the designer's creativity at the centre, is likewise expressed in the exhibition design. Each designer has his own island of three curved PVC sheets of 2 x 1 m. Strung together they form circles in the floorplan. The platforms are of PVC glued to a thick layer of foam rubber, and are too unstable to walk on.The graphic design was done by the Vormgeversassociatie. The exhibition spent four years travelling across Europe; a duplicate show did the same for two years in the Netherlands. The photograph shows the exhibition in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.  

Category: project
Year: 1980
Material: PVC, foam rubber, perspex



exhibition design