Zaklampen Zaklampen

The commission came from the 'one-per-cent ruling' (this stipulates that 1% of the building budget requires alloting for the commissioning of artworks for installing on the premises). Gijs Bakker was invited to design the lighting for the hall in an office building for PGGM in Zeist. The gradual change in intensity of the light in the cotton bag gives a fascinating effect. The cold tube light enables a textile casing to be used. Unhitched from the choke, the tube lies at the bottom of the bag. In the office it's hung in rows. Artimeta later tried to put the lamp on the market but failed to get it past the required electrical appliances test.)

Category: project
Year: 1978
Material: Textile, tube light
Dimensions: h. 120/180 x 120 cm
Manufacturer: P.G.G.M. Zeist, NL