Residency and Lecture in Nanjing, China

Friday March 17th 2017

From March 13th until 18th, Gijs Bakker visited Nanjing (China) to take part in the Revival of Chinese Traditional Handicrafts - Masters Designers in Residence Program 2017. The program is conceived as a resaerch, inheritance and innovation of handicrafts inscribed as intangible cultural heritage, exploring how traditional handicrafts may revive in modern times while disseminating traditional culture and classic aesthetics by way of modern design. During the program, Gijs Bakker experienced and learnt the craft of Yun Brocade, a traditional jacquard silk fabric, for which he also personally experienced the weaving process on a large weaving machine. 

On the occassion of his visit, he was appointed as distinguished visiting professor at the Nanjing University, where he also delivered a keynote lecture on Friday, March 17th. 


Residency and Lecture in Nanjing, China Residency and Lecture in Nanjing, China