chp...? has ended

Monday March 9th 2020

In 1996, Gijs Bakker received the prestigious Prince Bernard Prize including a cash prize of 100,000 Guilders. Thanks to the award he was able to co-create the jewelry brand Chi ha paura…?. The label was the embodiment of a long-cherished idea to bring jewelry to the market as an industrial product instead of a mere object of decoration. For over 23 years, Gijs and others, such as Nora Morton and Liesbeth den Besten, have been committed to achieving this goal.

Around sixty internationally renowned designers have been invited to create one or several pieces for the CHP collection. Throughout the years, Jan Matthesius has worked as the technical genius behind these creations as he came up with a production solution for every single design. All prototypes created for CHP have now become part of the collection of the Design Museum Den Bosch (NL).

But this beautiful story has come to an end

On January 31st 2020 ‘chp…? jewelry in context – a Gijs Bakker project’ will cease to exist and the webshop will be closed. 


chp...? has ended