23 September 2014 - Chamber NYC

On September 23rd, Chamber celebrated a grand opening in New York. The Chelsea boutique, curated by Studio Job, is devoted to exclusive limited editions and unique works of art and design.

Exclusively for Chamber, Gijs Bakker designed the titanium and stainless steel Earth Brooch (limited edition of 5).
Homage to planet earth, our host.
Since 1968, planet earth was for the first time photographed from out of space, we could imagine how others in space are watching us. They probably get annoyed about all the damages we cause on this planet earth.
Photos of planet earth became too well-known to be a new icon.
By using 0.5 mm thick titanium drilled by laser to transform the image in 2799 dots, I tried to create a new symbol.
By wearing the Earth Brooch, the spectator never gets the complete picture because of the moving body, causing attention and curiosity.
I hope without word, just by the new image, to stimulate the awareness of the delicacy of our planet.

- Gijs Bakker, 2013

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23 September 2014 - Chamber NYC